4.11.23 | County Health Director's Fallacy surrounding COVID Vaccine *DISMANTLED*

4.15.23 | Happy Orthodox Easter! Would you or anyone you know care to see a public health debate between Denton County's Public Health Director and an average, albeit more informed than average Texan biologist, whose circumstances didn't push him into a STEM career, meaning he could say the quiet part out loud unabashedly? Who else is tired of being lied to? Wisdom tells us there are 3 things a wise man fears. 1) The sea in a storm. 2) A night with no moon. 3) The rage of a gentle man. Considering there's no rage here, just outrage at the audacity of blaming the rape on the skirt continually (then claiming it's wrong to blame the rape on the skirt), I'd say we're barrelling toward #1 rapidly, if I were a betting man. And that's only because of the statistically impossible, happening once again, which if someone watched the last 5 minutes of this video first they would see why I replayed the part where the "Judge" said "You can't have a bir

4.4.23 | District 3 Denton

Hey District 3 Denton, who y'all voting for for city council? The district attorney getting recalled for defying voters who wanted to free the weed? The guy who got his address wrong when running for mayor and has an NYC phone number (646 area code)? Or the former Biology teacher who has been standing up for the little guy because it's the right thing to do, for 4 years, who the D.A. I'm running against charged with a crime they knew I didn't commit, then dropped the charges 2 years later, all because I chose to stand up to our insurance industry for committing insurance fraud, which essentially makes them a bully on a societal level? They're charging us double or triple the insurance premiums that we should be paying. They're hiding cures for diseases. They've just about nickel and dimed the middle class to death. Is it time we show up? Do you want someone who will fight for you, for free, because of what they took from us? You want free college here, beca
4.2.2023 | Denton City Council Candidate Profile Happy Palm Sunday y'all! Voter registration deadline is Thursday, early voting begins 4/24, so I wanted to give anyone interested a chance to see my responses to the Candidate Profile Denton Record Chronicle asked us to complete, which asks us to distinguish ourselves as the best choice for our city. Challenge accepted! (commentary continued after) CANDIDATE PROFILE RACE: District 3, City Council, City of Denton NAME: Stephen Paul Dillenberg AGE: 36 (09/05/1986) BIRTHPLACE: Fort Worth (Harris Methodist) EDUCATION (university, year graduated, degree): UNT :2011 : Bachelor of Science- Biology, Double Minor Chemistry and Spanish (focus in conservation biology and environmental law, presented undergrad research at national conference for the Ecological Society of America (ESA) in 2011). PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 4 years Secondary Spanish and Science (Chem/Bio) Teacher / High School Golf Coach while pursuing professional golf du

3.28.23 | AVICII | RIP

Credit Youtube Avicii: For A Better Day @Avicii I’ll begin with a couple of questions of my own, which came about upon reading the post I copypasta’d below, and the comments on the post. At minimum, it’s unusual. The author of the post deleted got banned their account so I couldn't give credit. There’s a lot of information out there also claiming questioning this is irrational, but, what happened with Gabby Petito? Are those same “powers that be” presently trying to double the time “confidential” records stay sealed? 75 years to 150 years, and that’s happening now in Texas? Are they also trying to say if you’re trans you’re automatically “disabled?”    Was he speaking out against wanton violence that has entered the “elite” culture today? Was he involved in activism against trafficking, specifically child sex trafficking, and actually made a song about it? (For a better day) Children running from kidnapper jump off a cliff instead of getting caug

3.24.23 | What is Trust | Chat GPT #2

Is good faith owed by a medical professional? Yes, good faith is generally owed by medical professionals to their patients. In the context of medical treatment, the duty of good faith requires medical professionals to act in the best interests of their patients, to provide them with accurate and complete information about their conditions and treatment options, and to obtain their informed consent before providing any treatment or performing any medical procedure. The duty of good faith is a fundamental principle of medical ethics and is enshrined in the codes of conduct and professional standards that govern the practice of medicine. Is information complete if it doesn't include ethical concerns or obviates from them by saying "they don't exist" for us, so they shouldn't for you? No, information is not complete if it does not include ethical concerns or dismisses them as not existing. Ethical considerations are an important aspect of decision-making, parti

3.23.23 | CHAT GPT : OPEN AI -- What is CRISPR | 23

What is CRISPR?   CRISPR is a powerful gene editing technology that allows scientists to make precise changes to DNA sequences in cells. CRISPR stands for "Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats" and refers to a naturally occurring immune system in bacteria that allows them to defend against invading viruses by cutting out and destroying viral DNA. Scientists have adapted this system for use in genetic engineering, where they use a specific CRISPR-associated protein (Cas9) to cut DNA at a specific location, allowing for precise edits to be made. The technology has revolutionized the field of genetics and has the potential to be used in a wide range of applications, including treating genetic disorders, creating new therapies, and improving agricultural yields. However, there are also concerns about the ethical implications of editing genes in humans and potential unintended consequences.    So CRISPR involves gene editing? Isn't that an ethical questi