4.4.23 | District 3 Denton

Hey District 3 Denton, who y'all voting for for city council? The district attorney getting recalled for defying voters who wanted to free the weed? The guy who got his address wrong when running for mayor and has an NYC phone number (646 area code)? Or the former Biology teacher who has been standing up for the little guy because it's the right thing to do, for 4 years, who the D.A. I'm running against charged with a crime they knew I didn't commit, then dropped the charges 2 years later, all because I chose to stand up to our insurance industry for committing insurance fraud, which essentially makes them a bully on a societal level? They're charging us double or triple the insurance premiums that we should be paying. They're hiding cures for diseases. They've just about nickel and dimed the middle class to death. Is it time we show up? Do you want someone who will fight for you, for free, because of what they took from us? You want free college here, because it says Public Education is free in the Constitution? You want it only to take 3 years? There is but one choice that gives a damn about Denton, and especially those of us not willing to betray everyone else.


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